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Power Washing and Deck Sealing in Gwynn Oak, MD

Deck Restoration in Gwynn Oak, MD

Building a deck properly and maintaining it adds value to your home and property. Customers can choose from different types of materials when building their home. These pressure treated materials are wood, vinyl, and natural hardwoods cedar and redwood. A well-designed deck adds style to any home. Pressure treated wood is less expensive than natural wood and natural woods hold up well in all types of weather conditions.

Professional Deck Restoration in Gwynn Oak, MD

This service involves deck cleaning removing all dirt and grime and chipped and peeling paint. The second service is repairing the deck. This involves removing loose boards, tightening and caulking board with nails, fixing gaps in the deck with caulking, moisture damage repaired, and supports and hoists inspected and replaced. We have the qualified bonded staff to deliver all these services professionally.

Deck Staining and Painting Services Gwynn Oak, MD

We have qualified staff to stain decks of any kind. It provides protection against the sun and weather. The stain lasts a few years and will have to be stained every couple years. Customers can choose from a variety of different stains clear, semi-transparent and solid stains. Soft Wash 360 will clean the deck and sand it before staining. Stains are used for decks that have not been oiled.

Painting is often used by those that don’t want to refinish the deck. It hides the grain of the wood, texture, and color. It is a good way to weatherproof the deck and keep it looking good for a few years. It is part of keeping the deck looking beautiful.

Deck Cleaning Gwynn Oak MD

Soft Wash 360 cleans wood and composite decks with power washing. Dirt, grime, and mold build up and have to be removed. Services include a washing using cleaning substances that remove bacteria and dirt. We wash away any buildup so the deck looks new. Deck Cleaning Gwynn Oak MD is a service that makes the deck look new.

Deck power washing and sealing Gwynn Oak MD

We often combine deck power washing and sealing Gwynn Oak MD as services. Applying sealant after power washing is an important step to protect the deck. The sealant helps protect the deck from the elements of rain, snow, heat, and moisture. Weathered wood does not look good. Wood become moldy, brittle and cracked. A deck power washing and sealing Gwynn Oak MD is a good service.

Deck Repair Services Gwynn Oak MD

We repair all type of deck wood, composite, pool, backyard, and vinyl. We can replace boards, tighten or remove screws and nails, and provide all other services listed. Deck Repair Services Gwynn Oak MD is an important part of maintaining your deck. Call today to learn more 410-877-6840

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