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There Is Something Lurking on Your Roof You Can’t See, Touch Or Feel…But It Affects You Every Day!


When driving through a neighborhood with beautiful homes, did you ever notice that many roofs don’t have a nice appearance because of how dirty they look, and one of those roofs may actually be yours! Some roofs have black streaks running through the shingles and on some, the whole roof is black, ruining the look and appeal of the house and the neighborhood. Many people don’t realize that their roof can be cleaned either by themselves or professionally; and of course, we at Soft Wash 360 would prefer that you choose the “professional choice” because cleaning it yourself can cause more damage if you don’t know the proper procedures.

The following are some important reasons your roof should be cleaned:

1. When roofs get fungi such as mold, moss, mildew and/or algae, black streaks can start forming and spread. In the summer, instead of reflecting the sun’s heat, the roof absorbs it, and in the winter, the shingles won’t retain the heat. If you live in the southern states or are just visiting, the constant heat and humidity cause these houses to be more prone to fungi growth, so you will notice it more than in the northern states.

2. Since the sun is being absorbed instead of reflected, it can affect the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, costing you more money for your utility bills.

3. Roofs won’t last as long as they should because if mold and mildew continue to build up, wood rot can occur causing a trickle-down effect. Wood rot causes moisture that causes mold and eventually leaks into your home and can affect your health and respiratory system, especially those with allergies.

4. Insurance companies can cancel policies because of stained roofs, many times giving very little time for you to get the job done.

5. You want to feel good about your house and be proud of how it looks in your neighborhood and to others.In choosing a qualified roof cleaning professional, there are a few things to know. 

Many states don’t require a license to clean, so you need to know that the company is legitimate and that they use safe and proper chemicals and supplies. Ask questions! One important question to ask is if they are certified, and also be sure to choose a company that guarantees the roof will be fungus-free for three to five years until another cleaning. If the proper cleaning products aren’t used, the fungus can return in a short time, requiring more cleaning which costs you more. To keep your roof clean in between, you should have it sprayed with a protective coating once every year. 

We, at Soft Wash 360 are bonded insured and belong to the Professional Cleaners Association and are on Angie’s List as a top rated service, and we offer an affordable price for doing the work. You can be assured that our technicians are honest, trustworthy, hardworking and dedicated to doing the job right and that your roof can look as good as new, making your whole house beautiful again!

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Customers reviews

I had an excellent experience with Soft Wash Team, Roof and Window Cleaning. The price was very fair and he came on time and communication was great. He spent literally 1/2 of a day cleaning our gutters, power washing the room and getting rid of moss. Afterward, he took steps to clean up everything. Hard working guy, very reliable, with fantastic results!!! Highly recommend!
Roof cleaning
Adam Sendler
So easy to schedule and very responsible for maintaining a high quality of service. I've had them do both big jobs (whole house and surface cleaning) and small (gutters). Price is competitive and they do a great job cleaning up when they are gone. Lots of communication through the process.
Moss removal
Mila Kunis
Found these folks on Google and was stoked their services matched the great reviews. Fast and efficient appointment setting and the work was done very well. I had some of the gutter come off the roof during a windstorm and they fixed it looking like it was brand new. Great job. I highly recommend this company.
Moss treatment
Mike Stuart
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