Deck Washing

1. Deck Stripping

Over time, decks will start to show their age simply as the result of them being exposed to the elements on a consistent basis. This will result in the wood changing color, being covered in dirt, and the wood can start to turn gray. This is why it is a good idea to have a professional deck washing service clean a deck every couple of years. Two major benefits of using a professional company are that they are able to strip the wood and then brighten it.

The first thing a deck washing company can do is to strop the wood. This process will remove all of the remaining dirt and grime from the deck. This will also get rid of the varnish and sealant that is likely caked onto the deck. Overall, this process will go a long way towards making the deck look bright and clean. This company is able to handle the job of stripping a deck by using a combination of pressure washers and a special cleaning agent. This cleaning agent is completely natural and uses enzymes that are able to strip away the grim and chemicals. Once this company has stripped the deck they will go through the process of applying two or three coats of sealant that are able to protect the deck from the elements. It is even possible to have them come back and coat the deck at any time.

2. Deck Brightening:

The second thing this deck washing company is able to do is to brighten the deck. This process is able to change the color of wood, and it can return the wood to its natural color. The brightening agent is able to change the color of wood that has turned gray, which is one of the major signs that a deck is starting to get old. It is also able to treat wood that has become oxygenated and is starting to root. Having a deck brightened is able to increase its lifespan by fifty percent, and so it is a very good idea to look into having a deck treated.

Deck Washing

Overall, having a deck washed is well worth the money, and it is able to increase the overall lifespan of a deck while keeping it looking good. A professional company is able to offer a range of services, and they can treat all kind of decks and types of wood.

Deck washing

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