Deck staining and sealing

Deck staining and sealing

Decks have been a low-cost way of adding a space to your home. If you like sitting outside during the day or even during the night, you should consider a deck because it makes it appropriate for you. Decks open up homes enabling open-air entertainment and also dinning. But there is one thing that needs to be taken in mind. Decks sometimes can be hard to maintain, this is because they can easily get faded by dirt, plants like moss algae and others. All this invites other dirt to the deck by forming a rougher surface making it less durable.

Deck staining sealing will help you have a long-lasting deck. You should inspect your deck at least two times a year that is if your deck is uncovered. There are a few things you should do before staining and sealing your deck. First, you will have to clean the deck to remove the old stain and sealant, and even the dirt that may be there. There are many products in the shop presented for washing the deck. You can consider using concentrated bleach if the deck has been affected by moss or algae. If your deck is large in space, you will have to consider a professional washing, which is by use of a pressure washer.

For those who have a painted deck, there is no need to worry because you can always strip off or even sand it out using a sandpaper to the original wood. Make sure that the wood is ready to be stained. This you may use water to test, it should sink in slowly for it to readily absorb the sealant. You should remove all the deck fittings to give space for deck staining and sealing. Before spraying the sealer, make sure that you have covered all the nearby plants with a clear plastic sheet to prevent them from being affected by the chemicals.

Before deck staining sealing, make sure that it is dry. You can use a paint roller, brush or even a sprayer to apply the sealant. There are two types of sealant, the oil-based and the water-based formulas. A good sealant should have an ultra-violent protection to protect your deck from sunlight make it more durable. Before applying the sealant, make sure that you have checked if there is any place in the deck that needs repair. For example, split boards and also popped- up nails. Apply the stain using the brush. You can opt to use two thin layers that will accurately dry. Repeat the whole process in the rest of the deck to get a satisfactory result.

The last thing to do is to remove the plastic sheet that you covered to protect the plants. Allow the stain to dry completely. To ensure that your stain goes for a long time, use a clear sealant and a semi-transparent stain on it. You can also consider using a wood brightener. It improves the stain and sealants rate of penetration and if there were any stains, it neutralizes them. It also makes the old wood to look like a new one.

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