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Decks in our homes are an expensive investment. It is one of the features in our homes that make them stand out. Therefore, they need to be constantly cleaned and maintained to maintain that shine and texture. Besides, this is the area that one mostly entertains guests. This means that you need to keep your deck in good shape to avoid embarrassment.


Here are a few tips on how you can maintain and preserve the shine and appearance of your deck;


The first step into maintaining your decks is by constant cleaning. Once in a while, you need to do some thorough deck cleaning. Start by scraping off any algae, mold, moss and loose debris using a stiff brush. After this is done you need to mix the deck cleaner as illustrated in the instructions. Thereafter, brush or spray this cleaner on your decker and immediately begin scrubbing the decker. Once your deck is thoroughly brushed with the cleaner, leave it for some time before rinsing. When rinsing, use a hose as it will ensure all residue is cleared. After your deck is sparkling clean, leave it for a few days to completely dry then look for areas on your deck that require repairs.


After you have conducted thorough cleaning, make a point of conducting repairs on your deck. Both for safety and beauty purposes. Check for nails that are popping out and drill them out. Then replace them with longer screws. Also, check for rotten or split wood. Make a point of taking out the rotten or split boards and replacing them with new ones.


After the repairs have been done, it is now time to restore the appearance of your deck. First brush the deck again to get rid of any dirt on the floor. Then remove any pre-existing stain or coat. After stripping the deck bare, the restoration process can now begin. Apply the restorer with a hard brush then rub it with a stiff brush so that it reaches every wood surface. Leave the restorer to stand for a few hours before rinsing the deck with some clean water and leaving it to dry.

Protecting your Deck Surface

After going through the three processes of maintaining your deck, it is now time to ensure that your hard work lasts and that your deck remains protected for longer. Here you may either use decking oil, decking stain or decking protector. This product has different outcomes. For the decking protector, it will protect your deck without changing the color of your wood. On the other hand, the decking oil will give your wood a semi-opaque finish while the decking stain will penetrate your wood and leave a subtle color.

This tips may look quite easy. However, handling wood require extra care. In addition to this, it may be time and energy consuming. That is why professional cleaning is required once in a while n order to ensure your deck is properly maintained.

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