Deck power washing and sealing Upper Falls MD

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Deck Power washing and Sealing Upper Falls MD

When the snow melts and the cold days seem to fade away into the promise of warmer weather ahead, the desire for cookouts and outdoor parties becomes a reality. For homes with decks, this is the ideal place for relaxation and entertainment. However, during the winter months and throughout the years, your deck may have become weathered over time. When your once brilliant deck becomes gray, dingy, or in serious need of repair, it is time for a deck restoration. Soft Wash 360 in Upper Falls MD is a well-established company that specializes not only in cleaning and repair, but also painting, staining, installations, and a variety of other projects to satisfy all types of decking needs.

Deck Cleaning Upper Falls MD can be done by Soft Wash 360 highly skill team of technicians. It is the first step to restoring your deck to its original appearance. It all begins with a full inspection to identify any problem areas such as discoloration or rotten boards and all other areas. Deck Cleaning Upper Falls MD consist of thoroughly cleaning by initially removing all the dirt, dust and grime that has accumulated over time. In order to clean the deep cracks and get into those tight corners, a pressure washer is then used for very deep cleaning.

Deck power washing and sealing Upper Falls MD

When it comes to pressure washing it can easily gouge the wood if not done by a trained professional, at Soft Wash 360 the staff is trained to power wash in a way that will not damage the deck wood or paint. Their deck power washing and sealing Upper Falls MD not only removes those stubborn stains, debris, and hard to get dirt but the outer layer of any dead wood as well. While pressure washing leaves the wood much cleaner, it can also leave it more fragile as wood can shrink with moisture leaving it cracked and splintering. With deck power washing and sealing Upper Falls MD, Soft Wash 360 will apply a protective sealer to be absorbed into the wood. The sealer will restore the water resistant barrier while protecting the wood against temperature changes.

Over the years, there are many reasons why a deck may be damaged and checking to see if any repairs are needed is part of Soft Wash 360 full inspection. Their Deck Repair Services Upper Falls MD can handle all minor or major repairs, whether it is simply tightening loose nails to replacing damaged parts to caulking any gaps to extensive damage. In addition, Deck Repair Services Upper Falls MD restores vinyl and wood decks, whether it is patio, pool, backyard, composite, or roof decks. After completion of cleaning and any repair needed for the wood decks, Papa’s Decks begin a major sanding process to regain its smoothness before finally applying the protective coating to restore the deck to an appealing appearance.

Whether residence or business, you can feel confidant that Soft Wash 360 are trustworthy professionals who take the utmost care of your premises and provide the highest quality of standards in all of their projects. For over forty five years now, they have maintained a solid reputation as a dependable decking company and a successful record as experts in the cleaning industry. Call Now 410-877-6840

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