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The Importance Of Roof Cleaning in Glyndon MD

People who own a home know that one of the more expensive items that can need replacing over the years is a roof. Because of this, most homeowners will do all they can to ensure that their roof stays in great shape for as long as possible. Unfortunately, there are a few things that can cause damage to roof tiles which can lead to a shortened life expectancy of the roof tiles.

What Causes Damage To Roof Tiles?

In general, there are four things that can cause damage to roofing materials. The four primary causes of damage include weather, debris, aging, and deposits of tree sap or growth of moss and mold. While weather can be unpredictable, homeowners can usually repair problems from weather-related issues easily by replacing and repairing roof tiles. The same applies to removing debris on a roof which can occur during the season when falling leaves becomes a problem. By contrast, aging is a natural breakdown of roofing materials simply because of time.

However, the one area of damage to roof tiles that often goes unattended is the growth of mold and moss or the deposits of tree sap on roof tiles. To some homeowners, this can seem to be just a normal part of nature taking its course with a bit of moss or fungus growth otherwise known as a mold which seems to disappear in the winter. However, the truth is that often these materials do not disappear or die off they simply become dormant.

Moss and mold can be an especially difficult problem for people who have nearby trees hanging over portions of the roof, and in areas that tend to have substantial air moisture. The good news is, that all three of these problems can readily be treated through power washing a roof and treating the roof tiles for the fungus to prevent any future penetration by these elements into the roof tiles.

What Happens If Mold, Moss and Tree Sap Are Left Unattended On A Roof?

The growth of mold and moss or the deposits of tree sap on roof tiles can cause an eventual breakdown in the roof tiles. Over time, this material can bore holes into the roof tiles even reaching the underlayers. If left unattended over an extended period of time, this penetration of the outside elements will reach the sub-roofing underneath the roof tiles and start to infect the wood below. Once this occurs, it can prove to be more than a bit costly to the homeowner to repair. Once it settles below the roof tiles it goes beyond needing new roof tiles and often becomes a need to rebuild the sub-roofing on the home.

The good news is that power washing can address many of these issues. For people who are looking for Roof Cleaning Glyndon MD area, homeowners can feel secure that with a proper power washing and cleaning they can preserve the integrity of their rooftops. Roof Cleaning Glyndon MD services can help clear away debris from rooftops, help preserve the integrity of roof tiles giving it a longer life. In addition, the Roof Cleaning Glyndon MD area homeowners can get with our services can help rid roof tiles from mold, moss or tree sap

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I had an excellent experience with Soft Wash Team, Roof and Window Cleaning. The price was very fair and he came on time and communication was great. He spent literally 1/2 of a day cleaning our gutters, power washing the room and getting rid of moss. Afterward, he took steps to clean up everything. Hard working guy, very reliable, with fantastic results!!! Highly recommend!
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Adam Sendler
So easy to schedule and very responsible for maintaining a high quality of service. I've had them do both big jobs (whole house and surface cleaning) and small (gutters). Price is competitive and they do a great job cleaning up when they are gone. Lots of communication through the process.
Moss removal
Mila Kunis
Found these folks on Google and was stoked their services matched the great reviews. Fast and efficient appointment setting and the work was done very well. I had some of the gutter come off the roof during a windstorm and they fixed it looking like it was brand new. Great job. I highly recommend this company.
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Mike Stuart
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